Thursday, August 7, 2008

Retail Therapy

My mother-in-law has graciously let me use her car the last couple of weeks while we've been house-hunting and taking care of all the details involved with that. Greg and I arranged to meet at their house last night after he got off work so we could drop her car back off and I could ride home with him. Since it was just he and I (Dakota was at camp) and I had a completely stressful day, we went out to eat dinner to discuss the day and unwind.
Let me just say --- I love my husband! There is nothing better than just sitting and talking to my best friend at the end of a rough day!

After dinner we stopped by JCPenneys on the way home because my stepson was working and he had purchased some Dockers slippers for Greg and we were going to pick them up....(they were on sale for .96 by the way.) While we were there I managed to snag a few items for Dakota. My growing boy needs clothes!! Dakota is into Adult Medium shirts now which gives us a lot more variety to choose from AND greater sales - I was able to pick up these 4 shirts for about $5.00 a piece after my son's employee discount.
This morning we had our home inspection. Greg and I both attended for awhile and walked through the house making plans of where to put what while the guy doing the inspection did his work. Occasionally he would call us over to point out something or show us how to make inexpensive adjustments to something. Greg had to leave to get back to the office after about an hour so I decided to leave too. I ran by Walgreen's on my way home...ya gotta know me by now - I'm out and by myself! I'm gonna hit ONE of the stores!! LOL
I got all of this for $5.96 and I'll be getting a rebate from the August Easy Saver for the Pert Plus in the amount of $3.79 - not bad if I do say so myself!

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