Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bowling Fun

Generally we've always let the kids have a birthday party every other year. This year was Dakota's year to have a party with his friends. He decided he would like a bowling party. When he made out his invitation list he had all boys on there at first. I knew he had several girls in the youth department he was friends with so I asked if he wanted to invite any of the girls...his response "Sure, I guess."

I began to get scared when the RSVP's started coming in and the only ones who seemed to be coming at first were GIRLS! Uh-oh...I don't think that would go over very well! Praise God though some of his guy pals were able to make it and they all had a great time.
Dakota's youth pastor Jesse and his fiance' Jessie (she just had her wisdom teeth out so she was in a little pain) - Dakota adores these two - I am so glad they showed up for awhile!
One of his friends is signing Dakota's "souvenir" Birthday Bowling Pin
We had three lanes and 18 bowlers - I realized later I didn't even pay attention to how well (or not) anybody did!
Dakota and his "crew" - motley lookin' bunch aren't they? lol
Brianna (my stepdaughter) trying to hold on to Bailee (my granddaughter) - Bailee was the center of attention as she went from one person to the next...cheering Dakota on and clapping and encouraging him the entire time. She LOVES Dakota!Jackie and Brittany - I had to sneak this picture - they always run and hide from me when I am trying to take their picture! They are sweet girls and friends of Dakota's.
Bailee is pointing to Dakota on the other side of the table as he is opening his presents. She wants to be closer to Dakota. Tina, Bryant and Bailee just drove from CA last week and arrived in town Friday evening. They are moving to their new home in GA this next week!
Bailee went over to Pops (Greg) and begged for him to pick her up...guess she figured that was as close as she could get to Dakota for right now. LOL
Tina & Bryant were staying at the beach house again so after the party we went to hang out with them for awhile. Dakota's best friend (Jacob - here with him in the hammock) came home with us after the party and spent the night with Dakota. It cracks me up how much Dakota and Jacob look alike - except Jacob is much smaller. Dakota is 4 mos older than him.
Brianna holding Bailee on the pier
The sunset was stunning last night! I tried so hard to get a good picture but just couldn't do it justice...oh well, this one will have to do.

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