Monday, August 11, 2008

Not quite the weekend I expected...but what I needed

This is where I spent most of the day a hammock on the back porch. (I did get up to paint my toenails a bright fuschia color - aren't they pretty?)

We were supposed to get out to the beach house around 2:00 on Friday but Greg was delayed at work and after several stops on the way out there it was close to 6:00 by the time we finally got there and unloaded the car. That was when we were supposed to be meeting our friends at the campground for the cookout. I wanted to lay down for a few minutes and rest and I asked Greg if he minded. My darling husband said he didn't care what we did - it was completely up to me. So I did the "unthinkable" for me - I turned off my cell phone (because I knew our friends were going to start calling wondering where we were) and I grabbed a DVD and went to lay down and watch a movie and rest. Greg went fishing on the pier and Dakota went back and forth between watching the movie with me, fishing with Greg and playing his xbox.

We had not gone to the store on the way out because we were anticipating going back out to the cookout and thought we would run by the store then. Around 9:00 pm I got up and told Greg I would go to the store - my real reason was I wanted to run into CVS which was about 2 miles down the road! LOL (see my next post for THAT story)

Dakota and I got back from CVS around 10:00 and Greg was still out fishing. We sat with him on the pier for awhile because it was a beautiful night! The weather was absolutely perfect all weekend. Greg stayed out fishing until about 3:00 a.m. He did catch this beautiful redfish around midnight - just before I retired for the evening so I could take his picture. Planned that just right didn't he? lol
In my previous post about this weekend getaway, I had talked about how we were all going to be hanging out on Saturday and boating, etc. Well, that didn't happen - at least not for us anyway. The three of us did nothing but lay around ALL DAY LONG on Saturday.
Dakota moved from the bed to the couch and fell back asleep
The weather was so perfect. It felt wonderful just laying in the hammock and sleeping all day. We did make it to the cookout Saturday evening. The campground showed a movie on a large screen projector outside after dark so all the kids went to go watch the movie after dinner. Dakota wanted to stay and finish watching the movie with his friends. I took Greg back to the house so he could start fishing and I went back around 10:30 to pick Dakota back up.

The stresses of the last week or two (with the house-hunting and purchase) have caught up with me and kicked my fibromyalgia into overtime so by Saturday evening I was unable to sleep because of my back pain. When we got up Sunday morning to get ready to go to the Beach Worship service I was having a hard time standing up straight to walk. Greg wanted me to stay at the house but I had already had 1000 questions as to why we weren't there Friday night and then why we weren't there Saturday...I could only imagine what it would be like if I didn't show up for worship! I told him I would just go until we had lunch and then he could bring me back to the house and he and Dakota could hang out the rest of the day.
After our worship service, we had the Lord's Supper by the water and then our pastor baptized 7 people (shown here in this photo.) We had lunch and then there was lots of activities to do. Horseshoe tournaments, water volleyball, 5 boats pulling tubes and skiers - Dakota had a fantastic time!! I went back to the house and slept the entire day. My body needed it. I guess I needed it.

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