Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Dakota

October 21st, 1995 - Greg and I got married after being friends for 4 years. We were blending two families into one. He had an 8-yr-old son and a 4-yr-old daughter. I had a 10-yr-old son and 8-yr-old twin daughters. We met when our 8-yr-olds started Four-yr-old kindergarten together and decided they liked to hang out so our families began to go to each other's parties and get-togethers. I was already divorced; Greg's wife left him by the time the kids were in 1st grade. Because the kids were friends we continued to be friends and get the kids together from time to time and the rest is history...

I had been a single mom for five years, going to college, working and raising the kids, with help from my parents. I graduated college, graduated medical assistant school and landed a dream job at a Dialysis Center where I'd been working for two years by the time I got married.

Before I graduated college I kept applying for Nursing School - but there were so many applicants every year that enrollment was set up on a lottery system and my number was never called...until I was set to be married! Then I received word that I was chosen and I was to begin the program in January 2006. Two long years right AFTER I had just gotten married - right AFTER we had just blended this huge family - and right AFTER I'd been working in this job I really loved for two years already.

After the wonderful wedding we had, we left for our week-long honeymoon in Pigeon Forge, TN. While on our honeymoon we discussed this continually because there was so much riding on this decision. We both decided we wanted to have a child together. My oldest was 10 already. If I waited to have another child until after nursing school that would have meant at least three more years which would have put a 13-14 yr gap between the kids. That was something I didn't want. We decided I would put off nursing school and try to have a child.

Guess God was on our side...three weeks later I was pregnant!

Dakota Ryan was born August 13th, 1996 - amid MUCH love and fanfare!

Before we even knew I was pregnant, Greg said "If we have another baby and it's a boy I want to name him Dakota." We let the kids pick out his middle name. There was lots of discussion over that but it was finally settled on - DAKOTA RYAN - so much love (and "arguing" went in to choosing his name) - but everyone was happy in the end. Our boy is now affectionately called
This is Kota and I in 2000
Kota in August 2004 - his birthday
Kota and dad in October 2005 - Greg and I went on a 2 week trip for our 10-yr-anniversary and we decided a couple of days before we left that we wanted to take Kota with us. He is such a joy to travel with! He loves to travel and takes in everything around him with wonder and amazement. We would have been miserable without sharing this with him.
Kota playing in the water hose in July 2008 - he was playing with his 20-mo-old niece outside in the mud. He is THE BEST uncle in the whole world!!
So, today is your day Dakota - Happy 12th! I love you, daddy loves you, your sisters and brothers love you. You started getting phone calls yesterday from family members who want to take you out and celebrate your special day with you - why? Because you are a special boy...loved by many! I can't wait to see what God has in store for you this next year as you continue to grow and mature into the Godly young man I see you becoming. I love

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Hunny Bee May said...

Haha! Something else in common...a dream of nursing school. I also gave it up (temporarily) to stay home with my son.
Hope Dakota has a wonderful birthday. Sounds like he's a very lucky kid with a very loving family! God bless!