Friday, August 15, 2008


Obama button - yours for the asking

Every Child Matters sample kit - includes:
1 "Ask the Candidates" Card
1 "I'm Voting for Kids" bumpersticker
1 "I'm Voting for Grandkids" bumpersticker

Texas Citrus - Free Cookbooks, kids activity books, stickers, pencils, etc

Cell phone holder - limited time offer

Gas-X thin strips sample offer

Dryer Vent Safety Tool

Meow Mix Wholesome Goodness cat food

Medela Breastmilk Bottle

Thanks to Amy at MomAdvice for this information:

"Get absolutely FREE lifetime membership in any of our 25 local Freepeats groups today (8/14) through next Wednesday (8/20). Now is the perfect time to sign up and pass on some of the gently-used toys, books, baby gear, maternity stuff, baby clothes, formula samples, baby coupons, etc. that are taking up space in your house. Posting them on Freepeats is an ever-so-green way to clear the clutter! You can pick up some great FREE baby, kid and maternity items locally through listings you find on Freepeats, too.
Freepeats groups are open in 25 major cities across the country. You'll find a list of those cities here. If your city has a group, just click here and register. This isn't a free trial, either. Once you join Freepeats, you're in for as long as you like."

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Claire said...

Ack!!! Can we move on from the Obama link?!! :-)