Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Closing - not tomorrow :-(

Found out we are definitely not going to close tomorrow on our house. May be Friday - may not. Who knows at this point. Everything is in place...just waiting on the underwriter's final seal of approval and then we are good to go.

Of course I was disappointed about this yesterday and this morning until I received a tremendous blessing from God today and it reminded me once again how He is in control. We have put out a lot of money in the last month and we are running real tight until this Friday - payday. We know we have to have a certain amount at closing and we still have that mess we have to straighten out at our water department (which I've just put off out of sheer bull-headedness!) so we have really been watching our money the last two weeks. Closing was set for Thursday (the day BEFORE payday) and we don't float checks so we had to make absolute sure the money was in the bank.

This morning I received a call from a friend informing me about a great deal on groceries. I got $630.00 worth of groceries for $84.00 today! Go check out that story here.
Now that closing isn't going to be until Friday or next week I had the money free to be able to do that. Praise God! This was a wonderful blessing indeed!!

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Rebekah said...

God always works it out. You will be moving in soon. Try to relax- sit back and enjoy those groceries you bought.