Friday, August 8, 2008

Going away for the weekend

Every year our church moves out to the beach for Worship one Sunday in August. This weekend happens to be that Sunday. We use facilities owned and operated by the Navy base here. They have a large campground and mobile homes you can rent if you don't own your own camper. The last few years more and more families have stayed out there for the entire weekend instead of making the 45 min to 1-hour drive from where most of us live to where the campground is located early on Sunday morning. This year the mini-vacation has extended from Thursday - Monday! LOL

We were going to stay in one of the mobile homes with another couple and share the expenses but they backed out last week due to financial reasons. With all of our expenses we have put out for our new house we decided it would be better for us to put off staying out there as well. Instead I called my dad and asked if we could stay in his beach house for the's right around the corner (about 10 mins) from where the campground is and he was gracious enough to allow us to stay there. I never know if somebody else is staying there or not - gotta make reservations ya know?! LOL

So when Greg gets off at 1:00 today we are headed out! At 6:00 this evening and tomorrow evening there are huge cookouts at the campground for 60-80 people. Several people took their boats out there so I imagine between everybody wanting to be pulled behind boats we are going to be burning up a whole bunch of gas on the water this weekend!

See ya'll on Monday!


Sniz said...

Wow! That sounds sooooo fun!!! I wish I could go. I hope you tell us all about it!

See ya! Sniz

Marshamlow said...

That sounds wonderful. Have a great weekend.

Rebekah said...

have a great time