Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sleep, eat, watch movies

What is it with rainy days that makes you want to eat and sleep?? Geez! We woke up this morning to almost sunny skies and windy conditions. I love the wind! I kept walking my dog until around 11:00 when the misty, drizzly rain started and it's been that way ever since. All we've done all day is eat and lay around watching movies or sleep. The worst of our weather from Tropical Storm Fay is coming in tonight.

I woke up this morning ready to drive out to the beach with Dakota to walk on our fishing pier and watch the huge waves that come in with these storms but after watching the news I found out the winds were coming out of the north and the surf was completely flat! What the heck is up with that?? When Dakota got up he asked if we were going out there. He loves doing that too. When I gave him the bad news he was as bummed as I was. Unfortunately the wave action will be coming in tomorrow morning with the worst of the weather.

Now for a little Tropical Storm/Hurricane Flashback
Dakota being silly at the beach in August 2004 the day before Tropical Storm Bonnie
Sunset at the beach before the infamous Hurricane Ivan hits us - we suffered terribly from this hurricane in September 2004.
Dakota and I went to walk the fishing pier before Hurricane Rita came in 2005. I took this picture with my cell phone. The thing that we love about going out there is this pier is about 20 feet above the water but when these storms come in the waves splash right up under the pier. It's amazing how high the waves get! Officials actually block off the very end of the pier because waves crash over the end. We were getting wet standing out here.

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Rebekah said...

I love watching storms roll in over the ocean. Sorry you missed it with Fay