Thursday, August 14, 2008

Redbox - movie rentals

Yipppeee! I'm so thrilled! Our local Walmarts have gotten these Redbox movie rental "boxes" set up in the front of their stores now! I see things posted all the time for "free" rentals from Redbox using different weekly promo codes but until recently I didn't have a Redbox around me. We love to rent movies - and if they are free then that is even better - we will definitely be taking advantage of this from now on!

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Hunny Bee May said...

They are convenient. Make sure to return them on time!!! I think ours is like 24 hours or something, so it's not quite as nice as renting somewhere else, but not bad if you don't mind running back out the next day. If I had one at the Walmart across the road from us I'd use it. Our closest Redbox is 20 minutes away, so I haven't used it much since we moved. Neat idea, though.