Monday, August 4, 2008

$5.00 Charity Challenge

Every Monday I participate in a $5.00 CVS Challenge hosted by Keeping the Kingdom First. I am still going to participate in that but this week I am going to combine two challenges into one. If you would like to see the rules and more scenarios from other players for the $5.00 CVS Challenge just click on the picture box above and you will be taken to the new link.

Coupon Cravings is hosting a $5.00 Charity Challenge in which we are supposed to spend $5.00 at any drugstore (I'm choosing CVS) and using coupons we have in hand try to get the most we can for our $5.00....and then donate those products to a charity of our choice. To see more information or to participate go here.

My scenario for these combined challenges this week are below:
1st Purchase:
(2) Colgate Total Advanced Toothpaste $2.99
(1) Oral B Toothbrush $2.49
(2) Dawn Dishwashing liquids $.88
Use these coupons:
-$2.00/$10.00 purchase
-$1.50 off Colgate Total,
Printable Printable 2
-$1.50 off Colgate, August AllYou Magazine pg 57 (11-30-08)
-$1 Oral B Advantage Toothbrush PG 8/3 (exp 8/31)
- .50 off Dawn PG 8/3 (exp 8/31) have 2 of these

Price before coupons: $10.23
Price after coupons: $3.23
ecb earned: $5.50 ($4.00 for Colgate and $1.50 for Oral B)

2nd Purchase:
(4) Pert Plus shampoos: $3.69 each Buy One Get One Free
(4) Sure Spray: $2.89 each Buy One Get One Free
Used these coupons:
-$2.00/$10.00 purchase
-$2.00 off any Pert Plus, SmartSource insert 6/29 (exp 8/31)
-$2.00 off Pert Plus, SmartSource insert 5/11 (exp 8/16)
-$2.00 off Pert Plus, SmartSource insert 8/3 (exp 9/30)
-$1.00 off Pert Plus, SmartSource 5/11 (exp 8/16)
-$1.00 off Sure Aerosol, SS 6/29 (exp 9/30) have 3 of these
-$1.00 off Sure Aerosol, SmartSource insert 8/3 (exp 10/31)

Price before coupons: $13.16
Price after coupons: $.16
Total spent so far: $3.39

3rd Transaction:
Gillette Fusion Power Razor: $9.99
Oral B Toothbrush $2.49
Used these coupons:
-$2.00/$10.00 purchase
-$1.00 Oral B Advantage Toothbrush PG 8/3 (exp 8/31)
-$4.00 Gillette Fusion razor PG 8/3 (exp 8/31)
-$5.50 ecb from Purchase #1

Price before coupons: $12.48
Price after coupons & ecb: $0.00
ecb earned: $4.50 ($3.00 from razor and $1.50 from toothbrush)

According to the rules from Kingdom's First Challenge, I can only do 3 transactions so as far as HER challenge goes I would have to stop here. I haven't spent $5.00 cash yet as far as the $5.00 Charity Challenge goes so here's my last transaction to complete my charity shopping.

4th Transaction:
(2) Kleenex facial tissues: $1.29 each Buy one Get one Free
no coupons for this

Total cash spent: $4.68 plus whatever tax will be
Items purchased to donate to charity (I am trying to decide between 3)
2 Colgate Toothpastes
2 Oral B Toothbrushes
2 Dawn dish liquids
4 Pert Plus shampoo & conditioners
4 Sure Aerosol deodorants
1 Gillette Fusion Power Razor
2 Kleenex Facial tissue boxes


Cassie S. said...

I noticed on the entry for the $5.00 Charity Challenge you used the $2 off $10 coupon three times but in the fine print, the coupon states it can only be used one per customer...How did this work for you? I was just curious! Thanks!

eally said...

Hi Cassie, thanks for asking. Each time I ring up I am a different customer. What that line "one per customer" refers to is if my total was $20.00 then I couldn't use 2 of those coupons in the same transaction. That is why I divide my purchases up into smaller transactions. I have only had a couple of cashiers throughout the months I have been doing this question the fact that I am trying to use multiple coupons on different transactions even though I am the "same" customer. I just tell them "okay, void out this transaction and I will go ring it up at the photo counter or back at the pharmacy counter because the cash register doesn't realize I am the same customer - only YOU do." That always makes them realize and they do it without any questions after that.

Nancy M. said...

Great savings! Thanks for listing the coupon match-ups.