Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Freebies FYI

Are you getting freebies? I have been posting a freebie list every Friday for a few months now. If you have been signing up for these freebies, you should be getting them by now.

When I was away this past weekend I got to thinking about how my life has changed this past year. This time last year I was unaware of the CVS/Walgreen shopping game, how to bargain shop using coupons, how to take advantage of freebies and samples from manufacturers and suppliers.

As I was preparing to go to our cookout Saturday night, I washed my hair with shampoo and conditioner that I received free in the mail, and the deodorant and body wash I used was from a free sample I requested. All of these items were packed inside my free cosmetic bag I received. I am constantly amazed at how blessed we are to receive the items we receive simply for the asking.

When requesting samples, only request samples you know you are going to use or you can give to a family member or friend. If you aren't going to use it or pass it on, don't request it just for the sake of getting as much as you can.

I set up a telephone number on AIM (it's FREE) a long time ago. It's called AOL Voicemail Service and you can record your own voice to greet callers and let them know to leave you a message. Then when you receive a call, if you are signed into AIM a box will pop up telling you who is calling and give you the option of answering it or sending it to voicemail. If you are not signed into AIM it will go directly to voicemail and you will receive an email that you have missed a call. When I fill out ANYTHING online this is the phone number I use. I very rarely even check this number or the voicemails because I know that most of the time it is just advertisers anyway.

Next, I have talked about this before but I just can't say enough good things about this program so I am going to bring it up again - ROBOFORM! I love, love, love this program! When I go to a samples page to request a sample normally there is a form you have to fill out with all your info (name, address, phone number, married, sex, dob, etc) - I have all of that information stored in my Roboform so I click one button on my task bar and it enters ALL of that information for me! The only other button I have to hit is the "submit" button and I am done in 1 sec. This is a major timesaver.

Okay...here's a few Freebies for you - go sign up for your samples!
Tide Total Care
Eucerin Intensive Repair Foot Creme

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