Monday, August 4, 2008

Outback Steakhouse

Have you ever noticed food at a restaurant always tastes better when YOU don't have to pay for it? Ummm, ummmm good! The three of us went to Outback last night to use the $100 gift card I won last month after receiving $10.00 off coupons in the mail and entering the number from the coupons into a sweepstakes.

Dakota loves shrimp and he normally orders shrimp or a hamburger whenever we go out anywhere. He noticed the price next to the shrimp dinner $15.99 and he said "I guess I'll get a hamburger...look at the price of that shrimp dinner!" I am a penny pincher - he knows that (he actually calls me a tightwad - LOL) so bless his heart he just knew I wasn't going to let him spend that much on a dinner.

I told him "Go ahead and get whatever you want on the' on me!"
He looked at me suspiciously and said..."well, actually it's on daddy."
Greg said "No son, it's on your mommy tonight - she's treating us to dinner - get whatever you want."
Then I told him the news - how we were blessed with the $100 gift card - and he could in fact order whatever he wanted.

After appetizer, entrees, dessert (for Dakota) and tip we almost blew that whole gift card in one evening! Amazing - but oh so good!!


MOMSWEB said...

Pleeeease show me how to get free food!!!!

debra said...

can you believe someone gave me a tip for christmas on a outback steakhouse gift certificate for only $20.00. talk about great rolls ... they were delicious.!! love your blog!!!!