Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pictures from Dakota's Birthday

Dakota is having a bowling party on Saturday with his friends. Yesterday (his birthday), he and I spent the day together out and about town. I took him shopping and let him pick out a few things he wanted. He is of the age now it is really hard to buy gifts for him unless we just give him gift cards to his favorite store - EB Games or GameStop! He told me three things he wanted and (since all three fell within the price range of what we were going to spend on his gift) he was able to get them all. He was a happy boy last night!

Yes he is ALL boy! These are two of his gifts - a Nerf gun with a laser pointer that shoots out these Nerf "thingies" and another gun that just makes loud, annoying noises when you shoot it. I know this because I got to hear it ALL DAY YESTERDAY!
This is what Dakota looked like last night as he was waiting for his dad to come out of the bathroom...can you say "Attack!"??He chose this cake - a Cookies 'n Cream cake - a chocolate lovers dream. Hmmmm, I think he did this because he knows I don't like chocolate very much and his daddy can't eat sweets like this!
Greg, me and Dakota - I think by this time next year I'll be dwarfed by these two!!
Dakota wants a cookie cake for Saturday's party - or a cake with a picture of him and Jet (our dog) on it so I had to take this picture of the two of them.
Dakota and my mom and stepdad (his Bops and Mimi)

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Claire said...

Great pics. Your boy is so cute. Happy Birthday, Dakota! May you grow in wisdom & stature, and always put God first.