Friday, August 22, 2008

Prayer Request for a friend

I went to lunch with my dearest friend in the whole world yesterday. If you've been following my blog for very long you know that my friend has cancer. She had stage 4 ovarian cancer 6 years ago and beat it. It has reappeared this year and she's been going through chemo the last couple of months.

She has been struggling so much. This is only the second time we have been able to get together to just sit and talk in the last three months because she is in pain all the time and spends so much time in bed. When she first started her chemo she was on three different chemo drugs - she has now had allergic reactions to two of them and her cancer counts have climbed...which means her cancer is growing inside of her instead of going away.

My precious dear friend is struggling with decisions and needs prayer. She has a wonderful family at home who has taken over everything. Her two daughters are 19 and 18 yrs old and they have taken much of the responsibility of looking after their little brother who will be 2 in November. This is the most loving family you'll ever meet. It breaks my heart to watch them go through this one to watch them go through this a second time just makes you question why? I know everything happens for a reason and God's plans are greater than ours...

It's hard ya'll!


Anonymous said...

Praying for you friend and her family. Sounds like she has a fantastic family behind her 100%. God Bless.

Claire said...

Oh man, that's hard. I'm so sorry y'all are struggling.

I read another blog written by a woman who has brain cancer. Although she is afraid that she will be taken from her family (she's in her early 30s), something she said continues to amaze and humble me: NO MATTER WHAT, FOR ME, IT ENDS WELL. It ends well for all of us who follow the Lord, Jesus Christ. That is our only hope.