Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Rebate Tracker

Do you do send in for rebates and then forget about them? I send in for them all the time and when I get a check in the mail I have to refresh my memory what the check is for. I just found out about Rebate-Tracker from BeCentsAble and I am so excited!

If you are like millions of people who submit rebates every day and then forget about them...this is where Rebate-Tracker.com comes in. Sign up for an account and enter the relevant details every time you submit a rebate. The web site will organize your submissions, keep track and report on the money you are owed, and will even send you reminders when your rebates are due. Give it a try, it costs nothing, and will likely put a few dollars back in your wallet!

On the home page is a list of all current rebates going on right now - check them out - there are still plenty you can participate in (I've already received checks for many of these.)

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Sniz said...

I sent in a rebate months ago for my cell phone and I haven't forgotten about it because it was 50 bucks. Still haven't received it. Hmmm. I guess I should check up on that. Thanks for the reminder.

TTYS - Sniz