Sunday, August 3, 2008

Our offer was accepted

We put in a contract on the house we wanted and after a little negotiating we came to an agreement of sale price and terms!! We got the final word yesterday!

This next week we start the process of getting the home inspected and the seller has to have a survey done. I know the next few weeks are going to drag in a sense but they are also going to fly by - with everything that has to be done.

We went out window shopping yesterday and managed to snag a few awesome deals at JCPenney's! See...we basically don't really have anything left to set up house because when we moved in with my parents we put stuff in storage. Over the years as our children have gotten married and moved into homes of their own we have given them everything. I praise God this house comes with a washer & dryer AND a refrigerator (although we actually do still have a refrigerator even though it's nine years old.)

My step-son works at JCPenneys - at least for one more week, until he quits to go back to college for his senior year - so he helped us out yesterday with coupons and his discount. We were able to pick up bedroom stuff, lamps, and dishes that the totals were originally priced at $939.97......for.......get this.........$283.77!!!

Isn't that awesome?!!

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Rebekah said...

Congratulations on the house and the good deal at JCP