Thursday, August 21, 2008

Stick to your guns son

Recently Dakota was in a position where he and a few others (friends/family) were playing a Truth or Dare game. I personally despise this game and opted out of playing when they invited me to play. It wasn't long before the whole group came to find us - Greg & I - to get our assistance in making Dakota play along the right way.

The premise behind this game is when it's your turn you choose to tell the truth or take a dare and the other players can ask you anything for your truth or demand you to do anything for your dare. Apparently Dakota didn't agree with some of the things they were telling him to do so he just wasn't doing them. They were starting to ridicule him; he was beginning to get upset...see why I don't like this game?

I asked them what exactly they were trying to have him do. I was a little shocked myself when they told me and slightly embarrassed (and for that reason I'm not going to put it on here) so I told Dakota in front of them how proud I was of him for standing up for his morals and not going along with the crowd and caving in to peer pressure just because they were ridiculing him. I let him know he was making the right decision and he has no reason to feel bad for standing up for himself over a ridiculous game. It was amazing to watch the transformation come over him as I spoke to him...he stood a little taller and didn't look as dejected as when he had first come out to me.


Dakota has gotten to where he's been helping our Children's Director every Sunday morning in our Children's Worship service instead of coming into Adult Worship. He loves being in there helping. I sometimes wonder if he is doing that just to get out of going to "big" church but he seems to take such ownership and responsibility of that job that I've let him continue doing it. I've talked to the Children's Director and told her to let me know if he is ever in the way or not helping and I will make him come with me into Worship.

I received this email from her Monday morning:

Thank you so much for letting Dakota help in Children's Church. He is such a blessing and an awesome helper!!!! He is great with the kids and doesn't let them play around when they are supposed to be listening. He knows how to redirect them in a great way. :) He is like having an adult in there helping. Just wanted to brag on him.

I'm so proud of my little guy! Ummm, I mean my young man!


Hunny Bee May said...

Sounds like you're raising a wonderful son who's definitely learning what it means to be a man, a godly one at that.
You have every reason to be proud and brag on him!!!

Monica said...

Wow. He's shown a lot of integrity and maturity. You are blessed.

Rebekah said...

I hate that game too. But it sounds like it was a great opportunity for some life lesson- Proud Mamma, you should be

Claire said...

Way to go, Dakota (and Mom)! He sounds a lot like my 12yo. He loves the little ones, and they love him.

I hate those truth or dare type games. I'm so glad you were able to praise Dakota in front of his friends, who I hope were ashamed of their behavior.