Thursday, August 7, 2008


This picture is a perfect representation of me yesterday afternoon! Arrrrgggghhhh, what a completely frustrating day!

It began first thing in the morning when Greg went to meet with the realtor to sign some papers and give him our "good faith" money for the house. Greg asked him if the seller had started his end of the process - survey, termite inspection, etc - since we have started our end and everything on our end should be completed this week. Our realtor let us know that our lender at the bank had not faxed over our financing approval letter which was supposed to have been done (per our contract) on Monday and the seller wasn't doing anything until he had that in hand!!

Our realtor called the lender late Tuesday afternoon and found out she had a family emergency and was out of the office all day Tues and was planning on being out all day Wed - and nobody else in her office does her job! Are ya kiddin' me??? We are working with deadlines and stuff and there is ONE person who can do HER job?! I don't think so! Anyway, long story short - after a call to the branch manager someone at the same bank in another state (AL) called me in about 30 mins to let me know she was faxing the letter we needed to our realtor for us.

Next issue - I was calling setting up utilities to have them turned on at the end of the month. Our closing is set for August 28th and we want to move in that weekend. Greg and I both were anticipating deposits for all the utility services because we haven't had them in our name in 7 years - that's why he wanted me to go ahead and call ahead so we can figure out how much everything was going to cost us. I called the electric company first and was pleasantly surprised that everything went so smoothly, no deposit required for services and they would connect on 8/28. Okay, easy enough...on to the water department. That's where everything came to a screeching halt!

I tried to put the water in Greg's name but I didn't have his DL# so I went to put it into my name instead. When they pulled up my DL# the customer service rep informed me I had a past due balance from 1991 (my first marriage) and then from another residence in 1997 (when Greg & I had moved one time.) The balance from 1991 was $32.28 and was actually from my ex-husband since we were separated at the time - I had already filed for divorce. I had put into my divorce papers that he was responsible for the past due electric bills, that were still in my name, but at the time I was unaware of the past due water bill so I didn't have that put in there. The balance from 1997 was $26.00. Okay, no biggie - I'll just pay those.

Customer service rep: "Whoa, wait a minute...there's 18% interest on those amounts. You'll have to pay $215.16 before I can give you service and that doesn't include any deposits you'll be charged."

Okay- you have got to be kidding me!?! How the heck did I get service in 1995 if I had a balance left over from 1991???? You have charged me interest for 17 years when you could have collected from me in 1995?! It's the same account number and everything! It is "under review."

Final straw (my meltdown came after this):
Dakota went to a 26 hour Youth Camp to AL yesterday. I dropped him off at 1:00 at the church and there were about 25 kids that went. The youth pastor and his fiance and one other adult male went to chaperone. Dakota sent me a text message late afternoon that he couldn't find his sleeping bag. Ugh! He is ALWAYS misplacing things, but a sleeping bag?? Kind of hard to just misplace a sleeping bag! I called him.
"Dakota how did you lose your sleeping bag? It got packed on the van - you need to find out if one of the other kids picked it up by mistake. Did you mention it to (youth leader)?"

"No mom, I'll be okay. It's alright."

"It's not okay Dakota - you are not going to sleep on just the plastic mattress. Go ask (youth leader) or (male chaperone) to help you find it. Take responsibility for your belongings!"

"I DID ask (male chaperone) but he didn't do anything. He wouldn't help me."

This is what set me off. In my opinion this particular person has no business in the youth department, much less working with the middle school boys. I do not think he is a good role model and it bothers me to no end everytime I see him around. My blood started to boil. I got off the phone with Dakota and I called (youth leader.) I would not normally do this - letting Dakota handle it on his own instead - but I was frustrated and wanted the situation taken care of that minute. I know - terrible attitude!

Youth leader gets on the phone and I calmly told him Dakota had just called me and let me know he couldn't find his sleeping bag and he would be mortified to know I had called him but he has to understand Dakota is still only 11 years old and he feels like he is putting people out if he asks for help so could he please help him look for his sleeping bag. While I was on the phone, he helped him - took all of about 1 minute to locate it!

Two minutes later my phone rang:
Dakota: "MOM! Why did you call him!!?? I told you it was fine! I can't believe you called him!!! Well, I gotta go eat now. I love you! Bye!" and he hangs up

LOL - at least he still loves me....

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Rebekah said...

When it rains it pours. I feel for ya. I hate the stress of trying to get every thing timed just right to move in some place. It will all be over soon and you will be sitting on your sofa in your new house