Monday, August 25, 2008

This is really getting to be funny

I know my last three blog posts have been about this Tropical Storm Fay (now just being referred to as the "remnants of Fay") but that's because it is really funny how far off the mark our weather forecasters were for this storm!

We were told to expect upwards of 12" of rain Saturday and Sunday and winds in excess of 30 mph. Saturday was drizzly and misty all day and a little was flat. Sunday was BEAUTIFUL! We drove out to the beach after church. It was breezy, but really no more than normal. Then...get this - woke up this morning thinking the storm was past us and found out we are under flood watches and tornado watches all day and it storms on us most of the day - we got several inches of rain! Isn't this crazy??! LOL

Anyway, here are some pictures from the beach yesterday. Red flags were flying which means you have to stay out of the Gulf because of rip tides. Lifeguards were chasing people out the whole time we were there. They let surfers stay in the water though. Surfers never drown out here - it's mainly out-of-towners that always drown because they don't know how to get out of the rip tides. FYI: If you ever get caught in a rip tide - DON'T FIGHT IT! Let the water carry you out and it will release you and then you can swim parallel to the shore away from the rip tide area and then swim back in to the shore.Greg and Dakota throwing the football - I mainly put this picture on here because I thought the chick behind my honey was funny....the wind blowing her clothes and hair.
Catch that ball boy!
Man, I love the beach!
The water felt sooooo nice - Dakota got his pants wet- we made him ride in the bed of the truck down the beach a little bit to dry off his pants a little bit!

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Rebekah said...

Sigh! Heavy, heavy sigh. Wish I could dip my tootsies in the ocean