Thursday, May 1, 2008

Cancer rearing its ugly head AGAIN

I've posted several times about my best friend, CJ, and her battle (and victory) with ovarian cancer. We are participating in our local Relay for Life event this Friday/Saturday in honor of CJ - this is our 6th year doing this. The last couple of months CJ hasn't been feeling well and has been going through so many tests. Her testing started the day she and I went on our road trip to Ocala. Yesterday she finally found out the results of those tests - there is a mass on her stomach and she has to go through chemo/radiation again. I can't imagine what my dear sweet friend is feeling right now. I know she is trying to be brave and tell everyone to pray for God's will to be done in this situation but I know inside she has to be so scared of going through the ravaging effects of the chemo all over again...especially now that she knows what to expect. Please keep my friend in your prayers as we go through this next season in her life.

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