Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Day in Pictures

Thursday, the last day of July 2008...five more months until 2009...can you believe how quickly this year is flying by?

What did you today? I thought I would share my day with you (in pictures because you know how I love taking pictures!)

For the last couple of weeks, I have been packing every morning for an hour or two so I am not trying to get all of our stuff packed at once when we get ready to move. Last week Dakota and I took down his beds in his room so I could use his room as a place to store all the boxes I pack. This is his room - notice the FLORIDA GATORS-colored walls. He & his daddy are Gator fanatics...I root for Seminoles myself! He doesn't ever sleep in there anyway - preferring to sleep on the couch or whoever else's bedroom he can crash.
Greg called me around 9:30 and asked if I wanted to meet for lunch. This was a surprise! We never get to meet for lunch because we are still down to one vehicle since mine went kapoot awhile back. My mother-in-law has let us use her vehicle all week though so I could go house-hunting and take care of the things involved with that. Anyway, when Greg called to invite me to lunch I was very pleased and we agreed to meet at 11:30 for sushi.
I got a Bento Box for lunch which had so much food I didn't even touch my sushi and ended up bringing the whole two rolls home with me!! I can't believe one person could eat all that food! Greg's sushi is the green stuff jammed in my box - he had an AJ roll - and sampled some of my chicken tempura, egg drop soup, shrimp, and egg rolls I had.

I was on the same side of town as Lifeway so after I finished lunch, I ran by there to pick up my Third Day CD I had pre-ordered about a month ago. I had that $5.00 gift card I got for pre-ordering the CD that was burning a hole in my wallet because they had some great stuff on a clearance table but my sushi was in the car and I still had to stop by Walgreen's so I passed on the clearance table.Next stop was Walgreen's...but you knew that didn't ya? I pretty much got everything I told you about here in this post but I added a few things extra and spent a total of $20.21 for everything you see here...I am very pleased!
This little Children's Activity Book is one of the extras I picked up. I was in the pharmacy area and happened to see it and thought it would make a neat little gift for one of my grandkids. It was only .99 - but when I opened it up...
there are a whole bunch of great coupons inside! Ummm, yeah I'll be taking this sheet of coupons out before passing the book on to one of the kids.
Here's some of the coupons (I'm only going to list a few):
-1.00 on Band-Aid Bandages
-1.00 on Johnson & Johnson Baby Products
-1.00 on Motrin Pain Relief
-1.00 on Tylenol
-1.00 on Huggies Jumbo packLast stop before I got back home was the mailbox (we use a post office box.) Let's see...was it a good mail day??
Why yes it was!
I received my American Greetings card sample from Wal-mart (it's beautiful by the way!!) Along with that came a coupon for a FREE greeting card with the purchase of another card.

I got a sample of Dove Shampoo & Conditioner (grapefruit and lemongrass scent...hmmmm, bet that smells just divine!) Along with that are two great coupons. I just checked and you can still request this sample - click on the link!

This next one was completely unexpected - a gift card/coupon for Office Max for $10.00 off my next purchase of $20.00 or more. WOW - that's great!

Greg's sports magazines - yuck! The only thing I like about those is that I ordered his Sports Illustrated through Ebates for a good price and Ebates is going to be cutting me a BIG FAT CHECK on August 15th for my purchases from the last three months.

His other magazine - ESPN - he gets by using SKYMILES that were going to expire which makes this subscription FREE!

Last but not Voice of the Martyrs newsletter. This month the newsletter is all about "China's Illegal Christians" - due to the fact that the Olympics are about to begin in China. I am sure the media attention will portray the Chinese people as intellectual, polished, non-persecuted people - free to serve whatever God they choose. This is NOT the case! Let's remember to pray for the religious freedom of the Chinese people...that they will be able to one day openly worship and serve Jesus Christ as we are able to in the United States.

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Hunny Bee May said...

Hey there! I'm really looking forward to checking out all the deals and coupons you've got posted. Wish I had more time right now, but I'll be back. I love me some good bargain shopping!!