Monday, June 23, 2008

Third Day's Revelation CD

Our local Lifeway Christian Bookstore had a sale going on Saturday until 10:00 pm to commemorate the "Longest Day of the Year" - they had longer store hours that day. Mom asked me to go down there with her and I was able to pick up a few great deals. One of them was this pre-order of Third Day's Revelation CD which will be available July 29th. Just for ordering this at the awesome price of $7.99, you get this FREE t-shirt (Large size only) and a $5.00 gift card that you can use after 7/29/08!! I went and looked at Lifeway's website and saw that you can pre-order these from the website too - so go here if you are interested in picking up this CD. Go here if you want to listen to the CD for free until 7/28/08.
These are a couple of books I picked up which were marked down to $5.00 a piece. This first one is by Jodie Berndt. Never read anything by this author but after just thumbing through the book and reading looks very interesting.
Max can never go wrong with Max! Can't wait to read this one. My books are piling up on me - I need to get busy on my reading!

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