Sunday, July 27, 2008

Travis Cottrell Concert

I had a "Girls Weekend Getaway" this weekend! LOVE those! A few friends and I drove to Destin, FL early Friday morning and spent the day shopping, eating, shopping and eating some more before eventually heading over to see Travis Cottrell in concert. He is fabulous! He is Beth Moore's worship leader and has traveled with her for years. When we all went and saw her in Jacksonville back in March we really liked his singing so one of the women looked him up on the web and found out he was coming to Destin this past weekend...and a "Girls' Weekend" came together.

If you have been reading my blog for any length of time you know that I like to take pictures of EVERYTHING! It's not often I go somewhere without my camera. This past weekend was no exception. But, my friends didn't want their pictures on the here's my compromise -

**names have been changed

SallySue** is the "oldest" of the bunch - our fearless leader (at least she tries to take charge - when WE let her! haha)

Baby sister SusieSally** loves to pull pranks - fortunately she was too tired (from having to sleep on an air mattress on a hard floor) so she didn't do any pranks this trip. She organized the whole trip though and to that I am very thankful because I had a great time!

Our poor driver - BeckyJo**- she had to do more U-turns than I've had to do in a lifetime!!! Driving in a van with 6 women with NO agenda?? BIG MISTAKE! She was such a trooper though.

LindaLou** - kept us rolling the whole time with her stand-up comedy. She is a school bus driver. I never knew this could be such a hilarious occupation.

My sweet, beautiful friend Tess (her real name) - she doesn't care if I show her picture. She is always quick to serve and make sure others are happy. Her wit is quick but her spirit is gentle and sweet.

They were complaining that I was constantly BEHIND the camera so Tess took my picture...yes, I was lounging! Very comfortable evening - not hot at all, great weather for an outdoor concert.

We had set up our chairs early and went back to the hotel for a little while so we had a front row seat. I loved the music they sang - it's all music we sing in church so we could sing right along with the band.

Travis has a FANTASTIC voice! He is truly blessed by God. Below is a video I got off of youtube with clips of some of their songs at a concert they did this year. Hope you enjoy!

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