Monday, July 14, 2008

Menu Planning - DEAD

I forgot to post about this the last two weeks but I've decided to forgo the whole Menu Planning thing. That worked great for me a few years ago when I had a whole family at home to feed. But now that it's just the three of us and my husband never knows when he is coming home for dinner or when he is going to have to entertain out-of-town clients, menu planning wasn't working for me.

When Greg calls and tells me he isn't going to be home for dinner, Dakota and I can get by with a sandwich or cereal and yogurt. Not the healthiest...but it's what we do.

One thing I am trying to get better at is using my leftovers for more than one purpose - something I have never done before. For instance, I like to buy whole roasting chickens (because they are inexpensive...normally $3.25-$4.00 price range) and Greg loves roasted chicken. In the past I would also boil the whole chicken and use all the meat in a casserole or something else...but that makes a big casserole for just us and we get tired of eating it before it's all gone.

Recently I roasted one of those chickens and then pulled some of the meat off before serving it and put that meat aside (into the refrigerator.) Two days later I shredded the meat, added some shredded cheese and spices and made chicken quesadillas from that same chicken. This is something new I have never before and I am trying to train myself to think ahead and re-do leftovers instead of just sticking it in the refrigerator.

What about you? Any helpful suggestions?

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