Thursday, July 31, 2008

Homeschool: The Olympics

I just purchased this unit study & lapbook project on the 2008 Olympics from CurrClick.
It's a 58 page ebook and costs $5.75 - after browsing through it quickly I am really excited to go through this with Dakota as we enjoy watching the Olympics together. Even for families who don't homeschool their children this would be a neat little inexpensive booklet to pick up!

This is what it says on the first page:

This unit study is designed to teach kids the history of the Olympics, as well
as interesting Olympic facts using crafts, creative writing, games, puzzles,
graphing, and geography. Many of the exercises found within this study can
be manipulated into booklets for the ultimate development of a
comprehensive lapbook on the Olympics.

Though this study is geared towards the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic
games, kids can use the tools contained in this unit study to graph for
themselves the games, individual events, and each country’s medal placement
for any future Olympic games.
This unit study is also designed specifically for the summer games, but many
of the history and facts learned can be applied to the winter games as well.
This unit study can also be adapted for varying ages so that a family with
siblings can enjoy learning about the Olympic games together.

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