Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hotels with Internet Please

Tina and Bryant are flying into town this Friday for 2 weeks. While here they will be driving to Albany for two or three days to go house-hunting since that is where they are moving in August. I was talking to Tina on the phone earlier and she mentioned she has to find a hotel to stay in while she is in Albany. I suggested she get online and do some research now before getting into Albany and just choosing a hotel on a whim.

When Greg and I travel we have certain criteria we look for in hotels:
  1. continental breakfast
  2. FREE internet service
  3. pool - preferred, but not necessary all the time unless we have Dakota with us
  4. FREE parking - ticks us off to pay to stay in a hotel and then have to PAY to park in their parking lot! NO WAY HOSEA!!
We don't ask for much but we want these things everytime. With all the different hotel search sites and review sites out there it makes the job of looking for hotels so much easier! You can go to a site like and choose what features you are looking for (Room Service, Restaurant, Parking, Pets Allowed, Pool, Internet, Business Center, etc) what city you are going to and the dates you need and this website will compare over 30 of the major reservation sites to find you the best prices.

Once you have found some hotels you might be interested in, I always refer to these websites to read the reviews written by customers who have stayed there.
Trip Advisor
This has saved us from staying in hotels that "looked" like nice places in the pictures...but after reading customer reviews we realized the pictures were probably a lot prettier than the actual hotel. Once we got to the city and saw the hotel we were so thankful we didn't end up staying there!

We love traveling and we have stayed in many, many hotels over the last 13 years. I love the availability of these websites to aid us in our traveling needs. If you aren't using the internet to help you in your search for hotels - I strongly encourage you to give it a try...I think you'll be pleased!

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