Wednesday, July 9, 2008

House Hunting Update

Since we only have one vehicle I am normally limited as to what I can do during the week. Last week however, my mom was in Brazil on a mission trip and I had the use of her vehicle while she was away. I decided to use this time to look at apartment/house rentals AND go back to the bank to try again to get approved for a home loan.
After 3 days of looking at apartment rentals and houses I was frustrated. We found a great house for rent in the country (close to where we live now) with a couple of acres fenced in for our dog to run around. Lots of trees and flowers, big screened-in back porch, big front porch and then we walk inside...oh my goodness! This house was built in 1968 and I don't think the carpets or curtains have been changed since then. The musty, dusty smell was horrible!!

Next stop was two apartment complexes - same price as the house, newer on the inside with all the conveniences (fitness center, pool, tennis courts) but very little room for our dog to even walk around AND he would have to be on a leash every single time he went out. I am so used to just opening the door and letting him out - this would be a huge change.

I had an appointment Thursday morning with my friend at the bank who writes up home loans and then I had an appointment to go look at one more apartment complex which is 5 mins. from Greg's office. This friend I met with at the bank met with me two years ago and looked over our credit reports and made a few suggestions as to what we should do to try to increase our score and hopes of securing a home loan. She entered only Greg's information this time (since his income is sufficient and mine is minimal) and we got a "soft" approval. She was elated. This was further than we got last time AND when she pulled his credit report his scores had gone up significantly from two years ago. I had Greg run over to the bank at lunch time to sign the papers and take a couple of things to my friend and now we are waiting. We are supposed to hear something by Thursday.

When I left the bank I went ahead to my next appointment at the apartment complex. I really felt like this one was going to be out of our price range but I wanted to check it out anyway. I was thrilled when I left there!! The apartment and amenities were wonderful and there was plenty of room for dogs to run and play. They really cater to dogs! They are even getting ready to put in a dog park. I told Greg when I left that apartment complex that it didn't matter one way or another what happened at the bank...I had found the apartment I wanted if we couldn't buy a home. Thursday turned out to be a great day - we are getting closer to being in a home of our own !!

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Monica said...

Sounds like good news all around! I'll be waiting to read what happens next.