Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Difference in a Year

This is a picture from our Brazil mission trip last year. The three of us are sitting outside our hotel in Belo Horizonte, Brazil waiting for our bus to come pick us up and take us to the airport for our very long flight home. We had just experienced our first mission trip outside the USA and we were exhausted, but on fire for God and the experiences we had just shared together as a team.

The man in the red shirt is my Sunday School teacher. His name is Doug. He is a kind, caring, considerate man who literally gives the shirt off his back to anybody in need day or night. He just had quadruple bypass surgery this week and is going through a really rough time in the hospital this week. Please keep him in your prayers.

The man in the green shirt is my Worship Pastor and my best friend, CJ's friend who is fighting cancer again and going through chemo. His name is Sammy. He has his hands full this week
  • running the church while our pastor & youth pastor are in Brazil
  • CJ had a chemo treatment Monday and is sick as a dog
  • Doug is one of our very active deacons who normally picks up the load (but he is in the hospital himself this week) so I am sure Sammy is trying to keep up with the sick & weary
  • running after his almost 2-year-old "wild child" precious boy
Please keep Sammy in your prayers...his cup runneth over...

Memories from last year's trip...

Doug loves coffee and he had been hearing about how good Brazilian coffee was...what he DIDN'T hear was how SMALL the Brazil coffee cups were!!! He had me cracking up laughing here as he was trying to drink out of this "teacup" mug.

Our first Sunday night there, me and Doug (and a couple other team members) went to one of the churches separate from the rest of the team. Doug preached. Before he preached the ladies of the church had prepared a meal for us - this was completely unexpected since we were supposed to be eating with the team at a restaurant after the service. But we had to oblige them or it would have been rude. During our meal some of the kids were peeking at us out of curiosity. Doug took out some small stickers and offered to put them on the kids shirts. Once we did anything for the children - adults wanted it too. The ladies who cooked for us came running over to see what we were doing and this lady in the green dress got excited and immediately started motioning to her chest and asking Doug to put stickers on HER too! LOL Doug put his hands up and said "Oh no no get your own sticker." He was looking around for our translator to tell the woman she could have a sticker but she was going to have to get it herself.

Doug preaching. He had asked us not to take a whole bunch of pictures of him while he was preaching because he didn't want to be distracted by the flash. We took one or two and the put the cameras away. What he didn't know was halfway through his sermon his translator, Jadson started looking at us and making a camera sign with his hand up to his face...he wanted us to take some pictures of HIM (for his records!) So we started taking some more pictures.
Afterwards, when we were at the restaurant, Doug asked me why I kept taking so many pictures when he asked me not to. I told him what his translator was doing....he started calling him "Mr. Hollywood." We had a good laugh over that.

This was a church member's son...about the same age as Sammy' son (he was missing him desperately last year while on the mission trip.)

Doug and Betty (another team member) out in one of the communties talking to the kids.

Sammy was witnessing to this man in this house. The young guy to the left is Jessie (our youth pastor) and the other guy is Marcos (the translator.) This man listened to what Sammy was telling him until he saw the picture of Jesus on the cross (in the Evangecube) and then he pushed Sammy away and didn't want to hear anymore.

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