Thursday, July 17, 2008

Moments that make a Ya-Ya happy

I am known as Ya-Ya to my grandchildren. I am much to young to be called grandma, grandmother, grammie or something like that. Little did I know when I chose Ya-Ya as my name that my grandbabies would have such an easy time learning name is one of the first ones they are able to say after mommy & daddy. Love that! :-)
My daughter, Tina and her husband & daughter Bailee have been in town for 2 weeks. They will be flying back to CA this coming Sunday. They have joined us for church the last two Sundays and I have tried to spend time with them while they have been here. Bailee is about 20 mos old and a BIG momma's girl. She is never left with anyone else (sometimes she stays home with her daddy but not often because Tina just can't stand to hear her cry so she ends up taking Bailee with her everywhere.)
I watched Bailee last week all day while Tina & Bryant traveled to Albany, GA to search for a home since they are going to be moving there in August. We had a great time that day - no problems at all. I was pleasantly surprised at how well the day went. This past Sunday after church we all went to Wendy's to eat lunch. When we were finished with lunch I picked Bailee up and walked outside towards her parents' car. Tina walked over there and reached for Bailee and Bailee waved bye to her mom. We laughed and said "yeah right, she doesn't realize what she is doing!" Tina took her out of my arms. Bailee started crying and reached back for me. I took her back and said "okay, you are going with me then" and I began to walk to our car. She still waved bye-bye to her mom!! This was such a shock. I put her in the car and told Dakota to watch her while I went back to get her car seat.

Tina said "Are you really taking her with you?" I said "yes, I two go enjoy your day together and you can have her back tonight!" LOL When I got back to the car she was still sitting there waiting for me and as soon as I put her car seat in the car she jumped in it. We had a great afternoon together.

Later that evening, Greg (Pops) and I took her to Walmart and then we went out to eat dinner. Tina and Bryant came to Sonny's Restaurant (where we were eating) to pick her up from us. When Bailee saw Tina she got the biggest, sweetest smile on her face and jumped in her mom's arms and hugged her so tight. I was thrilled that she wanted to spend the day with me and then it just warmed my heart to see the love between my child and her child...she is an awesome mommy!

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Rebekah said...

that is so sweet that she went so lovingly with you. Im glad you two had some quality time together