Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Freebies & Rebates

I've received quite a few freebies in the mail in the last week! I wanted to share these with you and tell you about some additional ones you can request. It's great to open your mailbox and find product samples and FREE magazine subscriptions instead of bills and political flyers!

Seed Magazine Subscription and DVD & Pedometer - told you about that here
Subscription to Woman's Day magazine - told you about that here
John Freida Hair sample - told you about that here
Pond's Clean Sweep Towelette - told you about that here
Snapfish - 50 prints for free - paid for shipping only
Alaway eye drops sample & $5.00 coupon- received 2 boxes of these - saw these on longer available now though)
Emergen-C Vitamin C samples - told you about here
Earthbound Farm bag & coupons - no longer available, but go here to register for a cookbook and get $1.00 off coupon
Book "10 Things You Should Know About God and Life" by Greg Laurie - I think you can go here and still request this

Now here are some FREEBIES for you to request today!
Motor Trend Magazine (expires August 31)
Homeschooling Booklet
Antiques Magazine
Baby Magazines
Focus On The Family Magazine
Marriage Today Magazine
Seed Magazine
Sun Maid Cookbook

Oatmeal Crisp Cereal
Fiber One
Capt D's
Stride Gum
Splenda Sweetener Flavors for Coffee
Taco Bell Frutista coupon
$2.00 Kashi coupon (sign up for account)
Healthy Choice coupons
Seattle's Best Coffee

Health & Beauty
Body Eclipse Aromatherapy Shampoo
Dove Pro-Age
Health Samples (from Remedy Life magazine)
Moon Sparkle Perfume
Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Stress Control
Tena Serenity
VCF Contraceptive Film
Gillette Shampoos & Conditioners
Biore Daily Recharging
Pond's Clean Sweep
Head & Shoulders shampoo
Degree deodorant (takes 100 secs to load)
Osmoflex pain relieving cream
Stetson Fresh for Men
Stayfree Ultra Thin

Spring Cleaning Samples
Caulk Singles
Tide Total Care

Babies and Children
Enfamil Samples
Good Start Checks and coupons
Planet Heroes DVD
Playtex Drop-In Original Nurser System
LUVS coupon

Remember when I told you about this promotion for Outback - Request a $10.00 gift certificate by mailing in a SASE? I actually requested 4 because I was thinking that when my daughter, Tina and her husband Bryant came in town we could all go to Outback as a family and get $40.00 off our meal. Well that never happened - just didn't have time to go before the coupon expired. But when I received them in the mail there was a code for me to enter into a sweepstakes online...I WON A $100.00 GIFT CARD!!! It came in the mail this week!

I also got my 2 Walgreen's rebate cards for May and June's AARP EasySaver Rebates in the mail. These were both for $10.00 a piece and had to be mailed separate from my rebates that are just electronically added to my gift card each month. Kind of stinks because it takes so darn long to come in the mail - but it was a nice little treat getting $20.00 in on the same day!

My rebates have started rolling in this month and so far I have received:
$1.88 for Wish Bone Bountifuls
$6.99 for Febreze Noticeables
$7.97 for Live Active
$4.69 for Tums Quik Pak

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