Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Little Zoo That Could

We don't live very far from this Zoo (Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo) that was featured on The Animal Planet in a series called "The Little Zoo that Could." This series shows the rebuilding that took place after Hurricanes Ivan, Dennis and Katrina struck our area a few years ago.

When Tina, my daughter was in town last week we decided to go visit this zoo and take my grandbaby and Dakota (my 11-yr-old) to the zoo. We had never visited this one before. We had a very pleasant afternoon.

The Princess in her chariot for the day...

Tina and Bailee are watching the "BIG KITTY"

It was sooooo hot...this looked nice! I was jealous!! LOL

Tina is trying to convince Bailee it's okay to feed the goats. "See, Uncle Dakota is doing it..."

She starts feeding the animals and realizes she enjoys it!

It took her all of about 5 mins to get to sleep once she was in the car...she was so hot. See how red her cheeks are!

After her nap...later that night...her momma threw the cast net and caught her some FISHIES! She had a blast playing with the fish in the bucket.

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Rebekah said...

She's so cute. Suzie likes to "fish" out of the bucket too