Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Prayers and Praise

I haven't written too many personal posts lately, other than my shopping/coupon excerpts, because I've been in a funk. There are some things going on in my personal life that I can't write about on here but it's affecting my day-to-day living. Life has been rough lately. I still laugh. I still smile. But trying to sit down and write about upbeat things is not easy.

Then I came across this blog this morning and just reading her post for the day helped me to remember that I am blessed in so many ways and if nothing else I can just share my praises and a few prayers here.

I thank God for:
  • CJ was able to come to church Sunday - her first time since starting chemo and she looked beautiful! Please keep in her your prayers as she continues to go through more chemo - it makes her so sick she just doesn't feel like she is going to make it sometimes.
  • my daughter Felicia is about to graduate from massage therapy school next month! She's also pregnant with her 3rd child and after graduation she is taking a much-needed break so I'll continue praying for her and her growing baby.
  • my other daughter Tina & her family is moving much, much closer to me in August!! Praise God! I'm praying for traveling mercies for them as they go back and forth over the next 2 months looking for a home to buy and getting their stuff moved.
  • the Brazil mission team leaves this Friday headed back to Brazil. I am so excited for this group to go back and continue the work we started over there last year. I am excited my mom gets to go on her first ever mission trip. Praying that the hearts of the people are made ready to hear what our team is coming to tell them and that all the details for the trip just fall into place according to God's plan.
  • my husband. He works so hard and is under so much pressure at work these days. I thank God for my wonderful, adoring, doting husband and I pray for strength and endurance to help get him through this phase at work.

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Hinsley Ford said...

Hi there. Just someone passing through and I hope you don't mind my leaving a comment. I feel like so many people have been in funks lately...I notice that lots of people in my blog circle havent been updating...which included me for about a month. That is so unlike me, and I had to drag myself back. I also felt guilty, which didn't help anything. I guess I keep my blog not only for self expression but also to connect to others and hopefully offer some support to whomever lands on it. I think we bloggers can really support one another, and I think that means we can support one another in writing/posting droughts -- we all understand how it goes! So many ppl I know are struggling...look at the stress we're under in this country, as are people all over the world. I'm scared deeply about the economy unravelling...losing my house...being homeless..losing health care...How can we NOT be in a funk? Anyhow, I like your blog and will be back. Just wanted to say hello.