Monday, June 16, 2008

Dakota is off to Youth Camp today!

This happened very quickly! Yesterday to be exact! Dakota had said early on that he didn't want to go to Youth Camp this year...instead he wanted to go to Kid's Camp for one more year. Our church partners with several other churches every year for Kid's Camp and they allow the children to attend up through 6th grade so even though he is actually in the youth department at church he can attend this last year of Kid's Camp. We couldn't afford both. I was secretly pleased to hear this anyway because Youth Camp is a whole week and over $300.00 and Kid's Camp is 2 1/2 days and only 80.00.

The weekend after we returned from our Orlando vacation was the deadline to sign up and pay for Youth Camp. All of a sudden Dakota decided he wanted to go. Ummmm, sorry buddy...we just put out a bunch of money in Orlando so no can do now. No problem he said - he was fine with that and nothing else was mentioned about it until yesterday. Our youth pastor came and found me after church and said 3 girls had paid for the trip but all 3 had to back out so he wanted to invite Dakota and 2 of his middle school friends to go (for no cost - because it's been paid for!) He said the only catch is...."we leave tomorrow morning so this is kind of quick." Oh my goodness!! What a blessing!

So now I have spent all morning getting my youngest son packed up and ready to go off to his first week-long youth camp. He is extremely nervous and has tried backing out a couple of times already. This camp is a missions-based camp where they are going to be busy all day every day working in the communities - Dakota loves missions work so I have assured him he will get over there and get so involved and have a blast that the week will fly by for him. If not I'm only an hour or so away.

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