Friday, June 13, 2008

Sports Academy needs coupons!

Since Greg found out he has to work Sunday (Father's Day of all things....blech!) he took the day off today and he, Dakota and I hung out. They hate going to CVS with me - and I rather like going by myself anyway because then I'm not rushed and I can think and wander the aisles slowly if I choose - but I hit paydirt when THEY decided THEY wanted to go into Sport's Academy.

"Sure honey, go ahead."

He looks at me strangely because normally I am asking why he wants to go into Sports Academy...I never agree with him so quickly. What he doesn't realize is CVS is next door to Sports Academy! Bwaahaahaahaaa

He walks out with one small, tiny bag and he tells me he has just paid $55.00 for what's inside his bag. "WHAT?! Are you kidding me?!" He bought fishing lures and fishing stuff.

I had three CVS bags and he asks me "Well, how much was ALL your stuff!?"

"I paid $4.89 cash for all mine! I have receipts to prove it."

I tell him...."you need to be looking for some coupons for Sports Academy, dude!"

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