Monday, June 2, 2008

Menu: 6/2 - 6/8

Baby steps...that's the best way I have found to conquer any large task such as debt reduction, spring cleaning, weight reduction, etc. Since we got the new Wii Fit Dakota has realized he needs to lose some weight. I've talked to him about his weight but I guess seeing his weight/BMI splashed across a large television screen in front of his eyes made a bigger impact.

Baby Step 1
I set a goal along with him to lose 5 lbs over the next month. This is a small, easily attainable goal we can both meet while altering our eating habits and continuing to work out daily.

Baby Step 2
When I was going through my weight loss (of 40 lbs) a couple of years ago I planned out our meals on a weekly basis. I've gotten lazy about that and gotten away from doing it. In our household it is absolutely vital for me to plan out a week's worth of menus so we all know well in advance what we are eating or else we'll be heading to a fast food drive through or restaurant in no time. Beginning today and throughout June I am going to post our weekly meal plans. If you have any great recipes you want to share leave me a comment...would love to see them.

Mon - cereal w/ skim milk, handful of almonds
Tues - blueberry muffins, smoothie
Wed - eggs, bacon, grits
Thurs - cereal w/ skim milk, wheat toast
Fri - yogurt (for me) & banana, Sausage, Egg & Cheese Hot Pockets (for Greg & Dakota) - these are already in the freezer - need to use them up.
Saturday - we always go to Cracker Barrel (not giving this up)
Sunday - Breakfast Pizza (see below)

Breakfast Pizza recipe

1 pkg. McCormick sausage flavor country gravy mix, or make your own

ready made pizza crust, refrigerated pizza crust or tube of crescent rolls

tube of mild pork Sausage

1 8oz. pkg. shredded cheese

Brown the tube of sausage and remove from pan. If using the McCormick's Gravy Mix - then mix gravy together in pan with sausage drippings and follow directions on back of package. If preparing your own white gravy, follow the recipe.

Pizza crust....If using pre-made pizza crust I take a little olive oil and rub on the crust before spreading ingredients on there. If using refrigerated pizza crust or crescent rolls, spread this out on one cookie sheet and pat out until it reaches sides. Cook it for 1/2 recommended cooking time before spreading ingredients on there.

Spread the gravy on pizza crust, then spread sausage over gravy and top with cheese. Bake at 375 until cheese is melted and crust is light brown.


Mon - Grilled ham & cheese sandwich, (ham wrapped around cheese sticks for me - I limit my bread) carrot sticks
Tues - Veggie Pizza
Wed - Chicken & Cheese quesadillas w/spinach tortilla wraps
Thurs - probably go out to eat since we are picking Greg up from airport around lunchtime
Friday - Sandwiches, fruit


Mon - fish, mac & cheese, frozen veggies
Tues - baked chicken w/veggies
Wed - Easy Quiche
Thurs - crockpot pork chops
Friday - Homemade pizza
Saturday - Grilled tilapia w/ mango salsa, rice and beans
Sunday - roast in smoker, baked potatoes in smoker

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