Tuesday, June 3, 2008

This is such a great program!

When I am looking for something specific to purchase I try to remember to check Ebates before checking anywhere else. Unfortunately I don't always remember to do this though and I could kick myself!

I had some spare time this evening and was going through some of my accounts on websites that generate money for me and I checked my Ebates account...boy was I shocked! I have $45.58 in my account so far. I had decided about a month ago to sign up for Netflix DVD rental program and I did it through Ebates. I got one month's free rental through Netflix and then I just got charged $9.67 at the end of May for my 2nd month. Well through Ebates I got $18.00 back for signing up and just doing the trial offer!

If you are not taking advantage of Ebates, you really should check it out. There are hundreds of specials at so many stores - you are sure to find something you need (when you need it.)

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