Thursday, June 26, 2008

Such a Hard Life

This is now a familiar sight every morning in my bed. Greg wakes up around 5:30 every morning to begin getting ready for work. Our dog, Jet, sleeps in our room at the foot of our bed all night long. When Greg gets up in the morning the first thing he does is let Jet outside to wander around for a few minutes. He just leaves the door open so Jet can come back in when he is done. He feeds him breakfast and while Greg is showering, Jet wanders around the house checking to make sure everything is where it is supposed to be.

I wake up around 6:00 - after Greg gets out of the shower and while he is getting dressed we spend a few minutes talking to each other. As soon as Jet hears my voice he pops his head up at the foot of my bed and stands there waiting to be lifted up. He is too "fat" and our bed is to high for him to jump up on his own. He loves getting up in the bed and laying down next to me - in Greg's spot - and sleeping for a couple hours.

He sleeps hard during this time too! Normally he is at my feet when I walk from room to room throughout the day. But not during this nap while he is on my bed....he is in a coma and I can walk in and out of the room without him budging! You would think he was up all night.

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Rebekah said...

Dogs are so funny. I had a black lab that used to sleep stretched out like a real person with his head on my pillow. I was 20 sleeping in a twin size bed with a dog as big as I was.... didn't leave much room.