Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday: Kids & Summer

Schools out for the summer...every time I hear somebody say those words, that old Alice Cooper song goes through my head. Here's a cute version of it here:

I homeschool my only child left at home now so school is always out for us. We are together 24/7. When my other children were in school though and they got out for the summer we didn't plan every minute of their days...much like I don't plan out mine and Dakota's days now.

What works for us is a simple, laid back way of life. We play at parks, go to museums (that are free), catch a movie every other week at the local Dollar Movie (on Tuesdays it only costs .50 each!), play water games in the yard with the hose, go for walks, play video games together (our newest craze is Guitar Hero and Wii Fit - we love playing those together.)

The one thing that every one of my children learned at an early age is to never tell me they are bored. My answer to that will always be something like this.... "If you are bored, I can give you something to do. Let me get a dustcloth and the furniture polish." The "threat" of more chores has a way of making kids find things to do to entertain themselves for awhile...they don't need constant entertainment or to be on the go the whole summer. Just my .02

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Heart of Wisdom said...

You are right schooling goes on 24/7...

Good post!