Monday, June 23, 2008

Menu 6/23-6/27

Went to the bread store a couple weeks ago and I still have plenty of English Muffins, bagels, flour tortillas, and wheat bread from that shopping trip. We use that stuff mostly for breakfasts and lunches.

From all my CVS/Walgreen's shopping deals over the last month or so I have plenty of cereal (more than 10 boxes in a large storage crate) for breakfasts or snacks at night (that's when Dakota likes to eat cereal.)

Since Dakota and I are the only ones eating lunch at home during the day it's pretty easy to throw together something. We'll either eat sandwiches or I'll heat up some of the frozen meals I've picked up on sale. This week we have our choice of Bertolli Ravioli Dinner, Barber's Chicken, or Hamburger Helper. Greg doesn't like any of that stuff and Dakota does so I save that stuff for lunches.

Monday - Tacos, Fiesta Rice, Salad
Tuesday - Oven Fried Parmesan Chicken
Wednesday - London Broil, new potatoes, veggies
Thursday - Rice, Jambalaya
Friday - Cheesy Turkey Meatloaf (new recipe...hubby is picky about meatloaf so we'll have to see about this one?! LOL), mashed potatoes, going to mix shredded carrots & other veggies in the meatloaf so may not serve any veggies with the meal.


Mom2Boys0406 said...

Wow! That's great that you are stocked up ojn bread, tortillas and such. Do you freeze them until you are ready to use/eat them?
Thanks for posting all your deals here!

eally said...

Yes, I do freeze the bread. The tortillas I just stick in the refrigerator (they last a long time like that.) It probably sounds like a lot but we really don't use that much bread so it lasts us for a long time! LOL