Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Tried Walgreen's Today - Prefer CVS

I know that Walgreen's has some GREAT deals this week BUT they also have too many rules and stipulations to their Register Rewards program! Ugh...I just can't keep it all straight!

I spent a lot of time last night and this morning trying to put together my coupons and deals before I went to the store so I could just walk in and pick up what I wanted, check out and leave. I actually planned to do 5 purchases but the store was a little busy and I started second-guessing myself so I stopped gathering up my products at purchase #3 - good thing!
Here's what happened:
I took in my gift card with $18.70 on it from my April rebate (which I got back super fast since I can now do it online - I STILL HAVEN'T received my March rebate yet although it says it was mailed last week!?! Grrrrr!!) I only planned on spending my gift card and rolling any Register Rewards I received.

First purchase came up to $30.62 and after taking off all coupons I had to deduct $11.20 from my gift card. I received $20 RR (2 - $10 RR) back for the P&G and $3 RR for Zantac.

Second purchase came up to $15.74 and after deducting coupons and using $10 RR, I had to deduct $2.24 from my gift card.

Third purchase is where I ran into trouble. I now have a $10.00 RR and a $3.00 RR to use and only $5.26 balance left on my gift card.
My purchase came up to $14.99 and after deducting coupons I was at $9.99 - I tried to use my $10 RR but I couldn't because one of my items was the Venus razor which is a P&G product and the $10 RR came from P&G products so I couldn't use one to pay for the other (hmmm, go figure?) Okay, so I used my $3.00 RR which brought me down to $7.74 - deduct my gift card balance of $5.26 and I owe $2.48...the only problem is I didn't bring any money with me! My son remembers the change can out in the car so he runs out to get that and I count out $2.48 in dimes and nickels. After that, out pops my other RR for $6.00!!

Oh terrific!! Now I have $16.00 RR to go spend - let's see if I can figure out all the little details so I don't screw this one up. LOL - I enjoy CVS so much better - it is wayyyyy easier than this!!

All in all, I spent $20 and got all of that which I am very happy with AND I have $16 RR to go spend on some more stuff.

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