Thursday, May 29, 2008

My Honey Bun is sick and far from home

Greg is in New Jersey this week at the offices his company has there - they are having manager's meetings all week. He called me several times throughout the day yesterday and each time he called me he sounded worse than he did when I talked to him the previous time. He said he was probably just tired and exhausted from all the traveling and planned on turning in early at the hotel last night. I didn't talk to him after 5:30 yesterday evening because he planned on going to bed and I didn't want to chance waking him up.

This morning about 3:30 a.m. I woke up suddenly and had a bad feeling about Greg. I immediately felt the need to pray for him so I did. I fell back asleep while praying for my husband...whatever he was going through at the moment.

When he called me this morning around 10:30 he sounded just awful. He told me he had been up throwing up and going to the bathroom all night. When he gets a stomach bug like that he ALWAYS gets dehydrated and I normally have to take him to the ER...his stubbornness/pride/dehydration deliriousness kicks in and he thinks "he can handle it." Much to my surprise he told me he went to the ER early this morning ON HIS OWN! I said "Wait a minute! Let me guess! I bet I know what time you went!! Was it around 4:00-4:30 your time?"
Lo and behold that is exactly what time he went! God is so good isn't He??

He was there for 3 hours and received 2 bags of fluid because he was so dehydrated. Because he doesn't have any family members or anybody with him to drive him they couldn't give him anything that would make him sleepy. He's been in the hotel room all day resting and trying to get over this bug -- we are praying now that this will continue to get out of his system today and he will be well enough to fly home tomorrow.

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