Friday, May 16, 2008

Freebie Friday 5/16, My Freebies & More

These are my FREEBIES/coupons I received in the mail yesterday! So nice to open my mailbox and get all of this instead of bills!! Whooohoooo
***Helpful Hint***
I use RoboForm to sign up for things online quickly. It fills in all my information with the click of one button so it doesn't take me any time at all when requesting free samples. Try it out!

Here's some freebies for you to sign up for -
Thanks to Crystal at Money Saving Mom for these great freebies:

Get a free subscription to Field and Stream or Outdoor Life here.
Free sample of Quaker Simple Harvest
Free sample of Kotex

Visit Nordstrom's May 16-18 and receive a free highlighter quad with a beauty consultation. See more details here.

Get a free sample of Teddy Grahams Honey Variety Cookies here.
Free sample of Viva paper towels
Free sample of On-The-Go drink mixes (this was just restocked in case you didn't get in the first time!)
Free sample of Ban deodorant (also just restocked)
Get a coupon for a free breakfast when you sign up for Mimi's eClub

Thanks to Karen at A Healthy Balance for these Freebies:


Taco Bell Frutista Freeze

Bump Day at Baskin Robbins

Hamburger Helper Singles

YoMommy Yogurt 4-pack

$2 Kashi coupon - sign up for an account

Healthy Choice coupons

Seattle’s Best Coffee

Quaker Simple Harvest

Fiber One Sample

Health & Beauty:

Ban Antiperspirant Deodorant

Health Samples from Remedy Magazine

Moon Sparkle perfume by Escada

John Freida hair products

Good Nites Sleep Boxers


Baby Magazines

Marriage Today Magazine

Successful Living Magazine

Star Wars: Betrayal (free download)


Spring cleaning samples

Babies & Children:

Planet Heroes DVD

Enfamil Samples

Good Start checks and coupons

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Omar said...

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