Saturday, May 3, 2008

Relay For Life 2008

Our theme was "Three Little Pigs - Don't Let Cancer Blow You Away..."
The festivities began at 6 pm with the survivor laps. We didn't make it there until about 6:45. Everything was in full swing by then.

More of our decorations. Normally me and Sammy (CJ's husband) are racing around trying to get the tent decorated and set up while CJ finishes up working before heading out to the Relay later in the afternoon. This year though Sammy had other obligations to worry about so he was way ahead of things -- he and their daughters made up all these decorations a few weeks ago. I didn't do anything to help decorate this year. They did an awesome job!
Debbie, CJ and I standing under our tent. Debbie and I had walked several laps already. CJ was so tired last night. She is taking next week off to spend with her family before she has her surgery week after next to remove the new tumor that has appeared. It was a sad night last night knowing she is about to go through this all over again.
CJ and her beautiful family. Her daughters, Chelsea and Cassidy and her son - Caleb. They adopted Caleb in November 2006. He is a precious boy!
This was about midnight. We were waiting for a certain event to be over so we could leave. CJ and Caleb were exhausted by this time. She could barely stay awake and Caleb finally gave it up. There were so many people that came out to support our team last night - more than we have had in the past. Word has gotten out the last 2 days about CJ's health problems and people wanted to come show their support.

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Rebekah said...

The mom of one of my friends isn't doing so well with her cancer battle. This post gave me a little bit of encouragement. thanks.
Love the decorations- very cute