Friday, May 30, 2008

Amazing Shopping Day!!!

Oh, how I LOVE days like today!! Whoop Whoop! (Doing a little happy dance here....)
Went to Walgreen's and made two purchases using their $10.00 off $30.00 purchase coupon that was valid today only. If you have a 24 hour Walgreen's around you and you haven't taken advantage of this coupon along with the Monthly Easy Saver Rebates you should do that!
1st purchase:
Icy/Hot Patch
Thermacare patch
Tylenol Arthritis
Oral B Toothbrush
Blue Diamond Almonds
Pert Plus Shampoo

Came up to $37.23
Used $10/$30 coupon along with other coupons
Paid $21.53
I will receive rebates back for these purchases in the amounts of:
$10.00 (for Thermacare, Tylenol & Icy/Hot Patch)
$4.49 (Oral B Toothbrush)
$2.50 (Pert Plus)
$2.00 (Ecotrin - June rebate - those started today too!)
Total for rebates is $18.99 - so all of this in my 1st purchase will end up only costing me $2.54

2nd Purchase
Chex Mix (2)
Bic Soleil Razor (3)
Bic Soleil Cartridges (3)

Came up to $31.92
Used $10/$30 coupon
Used (3) Bic coupons "Buy one razor get cartridges free"
Used (2) -$1.00 Chex mix coupons
Cashier actually took off an extra $4.99 which I didn't realize until I got home and was looking at my receipt so I only paid $1.46 for this whole purchase! Ordinarily I would go back tomorrow and correct this situation - return the money - but in this instance I'm not going to because I just had a case in the last month where another cashier totally screwed up my purchases/coupons and I ended up losing about $10.00. I was in a hurry that night and didn't catch it until I got home and was perusing my receipt trying to figure out why my totals were so much.
Went to Target after finding out about this deal on Pantene:
Purchase 3 products specially marked at $3.79 and receive a $5.00 gift card (limit of 2)

1st Purchase
6 Pantene products...all of which had bonus travel sizes with them @ $3.79 = $22.74
Used 4 coupons for $2.00 off 1 Pantene product
Found coupon peelies on some of the bottles in Target aisle and used 2 of them "Buy 2 Pantene products get 1 free" so I got -$7.58 off
Paid $7.16 out of pocket and received $10.00 in gift cards!

2nd Purchase
Huggies baby wipes - $2.39
Nice n Easy haircolor (2) @ 6.99
Kandoo handwash (2) @ 1.99
All laundry detergent travel size (2) @ 1.00
Tide laundry detergent travel size (3) @.99

After coupons total was $15.68
Used $10.00 giftcard earned from 1st purchase
Paid $5.68 out of pocket

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