Friday, May 16, 2008

Mother's Day

I received some wonderful Mother's Day presents this year - my husband is an amazing gift-giver! He always knows just what to give me. He says I am hard to buy for...I guess that's because I don't like "stuff." I don't want things just to have things and I don't want more clothes just to have more clothes. To help him out this year, I told him I really wanted an hour-long massage for my Mother's Day gift. I used to get massages pretty regularly after our car accident 3 years ago but I haven't gotten one since last June because of my fibromyalgia.

With fibromyalgia, I have trigger points on my body that are painful for others to touch and I didn't want to sit through a massage and have to keep saying "ow, that hurts" or "don't touch there" or things of that nature. My daughter in Hawaii has been going to Massage Therapy school and I have been talking to her about this. She recommended a couple different types of massage I could look for that might help me so I decided to give it a try again.

After I got the okay from Greg to schedule my massage I looked in the phone book and actually found somebody who specializes in fibromyalgia massage! I told Greg I wanted him to drive me over there so I could be completely relaxed when I came out and not have to worry about driving myself I spoiled or what??!! This massage was AWESOME! The therapist was an amazing Christian woman who sang with such a beautiful voice it made me cry! When I went in she had worship music playing. She went to change the music and I told her she could leave it on because I enjoyed that music - I listened to it too. As she massaged my body, she sang and prayed the whole was soooo beautiful! That was last Saturday - I have felt great this whole week. I am definitely going back to her again very soon.

The next day (Sunday) we woke up early so Greg could put ribs and roast on the smoker to begin cooking while we were at church. We had family coming over after church. I wrapped up potatoes in aluminum foil to throw on there with the meat. Greg offered to cook me breakfast but we had just had our normal big breakfast at Cracker Barrel the day before so I told him all I wanted was cereal and fruit.

He pulled out a gift bag and handed it to me. I told him he wasn't supposed to get me anything because my massage was my gift. He said "Now you really don't think that's all you are getting do you??" He gave me a black cross necklace - it is very pretty. Once Dakota woke up he came into our room and handed me another gift bag...this one had a very beautiful gold heart necklace that says MOM in the middle and has 3 diamonds on the top. I wasn't expecting this at all - and my emotional self started crying!

Felicia (in Hawaii) had told me she ordered something for me and it was shipped and would be in this week. It did come in and is the cutest thing ever!!! I love it!!
This is supposed to represent me (Ya-Ya) and Greg (Pops - with his cell phone which he ALWAYS has!!) our dog Jet (on the armrest) and our three grandchildren...Bailee (wearing a Princess crown), Allan and Nathan. The pillow on the couch says "#1 Grandparents"

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