Tuesday, May 20, 2008


TasteSpotting.com is a neat website I just came across. It's a place for people to share their recipes, articles and products that inspire them when it comes to good eating. Each stunning photograph on the site is a link to a recipe, an article on a dish, or a post about an ingredient. Raspberry and chocolate dream bars, lamb with sage and rosemary in a red wine reduction, Pike Place Market in Seattle — you'll find these and more than 10,000 other things that motivate food-lovers around the world. I have enjoyed looking through the hundreds of pictures!! The wonderful photographs make alone make me hungry!

When you're done drooling over your monitor, why not submit your own? Just register for free, upload your image and submit your link.

Go ahead — find and share some inspiration!

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moneytummy said...

Those pictures do make everything look good, I even recognize that peanut butter cup cookie :)