Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Video Games - need help finding the BEST prices?

My 12-yr-old is a gaming fanatic. He absolutely loves playing games on his Xbox 360 and his Wii. He goes through the games so quickly though that the rule around here is he has to support his own habit - we don't buy his games. Except at Christmastime! That's when this wonderful searchable shopping site comes in real handy!
One of the games Dakota wants this year is Prince of Persia for his Xbox. I just typed it in to the Video Games Search Bar and I got hundreds of results telling me where I can purchase this game. I was amazed to see the varying prices from one store to the next. As I scrolled down the list when my cursor landed on one of the titles a little screen would pop up telling me how many stores this game was available at, list the stores and the prices.

I clicked on one of the Prince of Persia choices and it opened up the page showing me the video game I wanted, all the stores that are currently selling this game, the price they are selling it for and store reviews by consumers. There is a link where I can then click to go to the store to purchase the game if I so choose.

I searched for a few other items (non-video games) on this site and was very pleased with the results I received. This is a great website for finding the lowest prices on products!

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Sniz said...

What's the Prince of Persia about?