Monday, December 8, 2008

Birthday Happenins'

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Friday night Dakota had a campout he went to with his youth group from church so Greg took me to my favorite restaurant - The Melting Pot. I must admit this USED to be my favorite restaurant...not to sure anymore. The last time we were there was 3 years ago on my birthday and we went with my best friend CJ and her husband. Since then they have changed the menu and increased the prices tremendously! I was shocked at how much it cost the two of us to eat Friday night!

Saturday morning CJ took me to breakfast (for my birthday which was yesterday) and then we went to a mom & kid's event sponsored by our local newspaper and the forum I help moderate. It was lots of fun to reconnect with some moms I hadn't seen in about a year and to put some faces with names I only knew from chatting with women on this forum.
I spent Saturday afternoon and evening shopping by myself while Greg went to watch football and Dakota just rested from his campout. I enjoyed going wherever I wanted to go and visited several stores I had never been in before. On my way home I called Dakota and told him I was going to run by Publix and pick up some sushi to eat for myself and asked if he had eaten any dinner yet. He asked me to grab him something from KFC. On my way to Publix I passed Capt D's and I remembered I had gotten a coupon in my email for a FREE meal for my birthday so I decided to go there instead. When I handed the young lady behind the register my coupon she smiled brightly and waved her hand up to the menu board behind her and said "Well, Happy Birthday! What would you like to order? Whatever meal you want is yours!" I ordered a fish and chicken meal with vegetables and a drink and she said "okay, it's all taken care of...isn't it great to get something for nothing?!" She was a very friendly young lady! LOL

Sunday morning I woke up around 6:00 and Greg was already awake. He asked me if I wanted to go to breakfast. Sure! I'm always up for going out on a breakfast date with hubby! We went to Waffle House right down the road from our house and I enjoyed a pecan waffle. Yummy - love those pecan waffles. After church we came home and made pizzas and chocolate chip cookies, cleaned up a little bit and then went to the mall where Greg told me to pick out some clothes I wanted. I've been needing some casual type shirts so that was my birthday gift from him. We got back home around 7:00 Sunday night. We like watching Brothers & Sisters together on Sunday evenings at 9:00 but as soon as my head hit the pillow around 7:30 I knew there was no way I was going to make it. I set it to record on the DVR, told him goodnight and I was out like a light - I was exhausted!

Today my dad and stepmom called to invite me to lunch. They took me to CiCi's Pizza. We had a very nice lunch. It was a wonderful way to end my "birthday weekend"!

LOL - I probably gained 10 lbs this weekend from all the eating out I did - oh well it was WELL WORTH IT


Monica said...

Happy Birthday to you!! Sounds like you've had a great time and I'm so glad. I pray that in this next year you may know more of God's faithfulness and blessings as you live for Him.

Linda said...

Happy birthday to you! Wow, you had a birthday marathon! I'm glad you enjoyed it! How will you ever top it next year? lol

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday. Sounds like you had a great day!! -hunnybee

Claire said...

So glad you had a nice birthday, Elisa. You deserve it.

eally said...

Monica - thank you for ALL your prayers!

Linda - it's funny, because it wasn't what I wanted to do for my birthday but after sitting back and looking at the whole picture I really had a nice weekend. :-)

Hunnybee - thanks! Hope you are doing great

Claire - thank you!!