Wednesday, December 17, 2008

7 Things

Hand in HandImage by Garry' via FlickrI thought I would just post a "7 Things" post to catch you up to speed on what's happenin' around our house lately...

Is it really December (a week before Christmas)? You wouldn't know it where I live! I know some of you are dealing with major ice and snowstorms - we are dealing with record heat! Finally had to give in and turn the AC back on 2 nights ago. All week it's been in the mid to upper 70's here. This time last year we were in Gatlinburg, TN enjoying the cold air and sporadic snow we saw in the higher elevations. I have been longing to go back there...guess it will have to wait until February when we go on our Marriage Retreat.

My daughter in Hawaii is due to deliver her baby boy any day now. She delivered early for her first two pregnancies. She is now 39 weeks - this is the longest she has carried a baby. She's ready for him to come out! :-)
I have decided not to go out there right now for the birth. I praise God she has a strong network of friends who are going to be there for her to help take care of the boys while she is in the hospital. They have everything planned out as to who is going to pick up who and all the little details. Now it's just the waiting game.

Hubby is taking vacation this month (Yeah!!) - I probably won't be on here blogging while he is off work. We get so little time together the last place I want to be when he is around is on the computer! :-)

Tina, Bryant and Bailee are in town for the next week or so. They may travel back home on Christmas Eve. They came over to the house yesterday to hang out for awhile. I just love spending time with Bailee - she is 2 now and so precious! We had a good laugh when it was time for them to leave because she was kind of dragging her feet about leaving, so one of us said "Okay, Bailee well you are going to have to stay with YaYa (that's me) while mommy and daddy go bye-bye."

Of course we were thinking she would run to her momma's arms. Uh-unh...didn't happen. She ran to MY arms, blew her mom a kiss, pointed to the door and said "GOOOOOO!" Tina wasn't prepared for her to spend the night (no clothes or diapers) so I told Bailee I would walk her out to the car and she could spend the night another night. She looked at me hesitantly like she wasn't quite sure what I was doing but she wasn't crying so I kept talking to her as I carried her to the car and began to put her in the carseat. As soon as I was finished strapping her in, she patted the seat next to her and said "Sit Down YaYa!" She thought I was going WITH THEM.

When I told her no, the tears started and I had to close the door with her poochy-lipped face looking at me through the window and tears streaming down her cheeks. Talk about breaking my heart....

I helped friends of mine move on Saturday. We moved them from one house to another. Before I went over there I went on a walk...for an hour and a half. When I got home Saturday night I could barely move by body was screaming in pain. Not a smart move on my part!

My friends are my ex-husband's brother and his wife (Robert & Vickie). They have lived in CA for the last 10 years and just moved back here in August. They were living with Vickie's sister & her husband (who also moved here but from Colorado) but after sharing a house/expenses for the last 5 months they decided that wasn't working and they all needed their own houses.
Robert and Vickie were the ones to move out. They found a house about 3 miles from her sister. Robert has started truck-driving since they moved here. My ex-husband has been a truck driver for years and the two of them went on a trip together last week. They didn't get back until mid afternoon Saturday - so Robert was unable to help with the move. He was at my ex-husband's house and needed to be picked up. I told Vickie I would drive her over there to get him because I have a truck and he had a lot of gear (they have a very small car) and he could just throw it in the back.

It was so odd being over there with the four of us standing around the truck...we have all known each other for 26 years! I just can't believe it has been that long! As we drove back to their new house, Robert and I reminisced about high school and some of the crazy things/people from back then. It's great to have them back in town again!

I have not been posting on here too much lately because I've been working on another project. It's taking up a lot of my time lately. I hope to "reveal" it very soon!

This year has been one of the most laid back Christmases I can ever remember. We are really not exchanging gifts with anyone so there hasn't been much shopping to do. What shopping I have done has mostly been online (taking advantage of sales/free shipping events). I'm not singing in the choir this year so I haven't had to worry about preparing for that musical which is coming up this weekend. I didn't plan our Sunday School class party or a Women's Ministry party which I normally do...didn't have to worry about those events. It has really been a very nice, relaxing, stress-free Christmas season as far as all that usual hustling and bustling goes. I pray you all have a very Merry Christmas as well!!

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Rebekah said...

You have been busy. But I think everyone is in the same boat- therefore, no one has posted much at all.

Merry Christmas- its 23 degree and ice outside