Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Allan

My oldest grandson was born Dec 18th, 2003 - one month premature. He was almost born at home in his great-grandfather's bed. His mother, Felicia (my daughter) and her twin sister had just turned 16 years old and neither one of them had their license. They were home alone when Felicia went into labor. Her labor advanced rapidly. Long story short...911 was called and by the time the ambulance got there, they could see Allan's black hair. They rushed Felicia to the hospital where we all met her and he was born 10 minutes later.

After 2 days in the hospital our little bundle of joy came home with us. Felicia and Allan lived with us until she married her high school sweetheart in February and they moved into their own home.

For the next year, we were able to watch Allan grow and be a part of his life and he was so much fun to be around! His daddy went away to boot camp and after he came back they all moved to West Virginia on New Year's Day. They were stationed there in the mountains of West VA for a couple of years.

While there, Will & Felicia gave Allan a baby brother (Nathan). Allan is a most awesome big brother! He is very protective of Nathan and loves to play with him. When they lived in WV, I tried to drive up to visit them every couple of months and I would bring Allan back to stay with me for a week or two. I loved having him around!

Two years ago Will and Felicia got orders to move to Hawaii. We were all excited for them for the opportunity even though we knew we were not going to be able to see the boys much now. They have grown up so much the last two years. Allan has started school this year and can actually carry on an intelligent conversation on the telephone now. He is a joy to talk to on the phone. You can hear the love and admiration in his voice that he has for his mom and dad.

This picture above is of Allan and Nathan with my dad at his beach house. The picture below is Allan holding his new baby cousin Bailee when she was born two years ago.

When Will and Felicia first moved to Hawaii, Will had to go on his ship for a very long time and he didn't see his family for several months. Felicia and the boys had to adapt to a brand new city/surroundings far from home all on their own. They survived and in fact, they are thriving wonderfully. They love it over there and have many wonderful friends!
The boys were so happy to see their daddy after he had been gone for a long time!

Happy Birthday Allan!! Your YaYa & Pops & Uncle Dakota love and miss you so much!!

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Rebekah said...

Happy Birthday Allan.

I've helped deliver a baby over the phone (and sadly, helped a couple through a difficult time while the mother miscarried the baby in the toilet)Not a good night at work.